B & B Hiitolanjoki

River in Rautjärvi!

Welcome B & B Hiitolanjoki River in Rautjärvi!

Quality accommodation by the Hiitolanjoki River in Rautjärvi

B&B Hiitolanjoki and Nature Healing Powerhouse offers affordable

but quality accommodation on the banks of the Hiitolanjoki River in Rautjärvi. We offer you accommodation in the peace and quiet of nature, just two kilometres from the 6 road.

There are a few electric poles in the courtyard for car parking.

There is a cosy log sauna by the river, where you can cool off in the river. The river flows freely all year round. 

For the ultimate in relaxation and cleansing, try our peat sauna.

The address for us is

Kangaskoskentie 220

56800 Rautjärvi

We are open by appointment.

Call us if you need quick accommodation.

The nature trails of the Hiitola River are three kilometres away. Between the Lahnanen rapids and Ritakoski there is a nature trail with signposts, a barbecue shelter and a bird tower. The Kangaskoski pavilion is only about 200m away along an easy path.

We want to serve you with the best Karelian hospitality. Tell us what you want - we will make your wishes come true!

Contact us:

 / +358 503386201 (txt, WhatsApp)

We offer guided hiking or swimming tours to the nearby area. We also organise themed excursions in all seasons, e.g. horticultural excursions in spring and early summer, mushroom trips in autumn or snowshoe safaris in winter. On our retreats, you'll be empowered, empowered, or experience the peace of the soma bush!

Accomodation for various needs

Upstairs of the house is reserved for accommodation.

Bathrooms and toilets shared.

You’ll find two refrigerators, a coffee machine, and a kettle as well as a microwave oven in the lobby.

The stairs have a safety gate for children.

Tiny travellers are provided with a travel bed, a feeding chair and a potty.

Pets are welcome to BB Hiitolanjoki.

Our rooms are named after the rapids of the River Hiitola on the Finnish side of the border.

A free WI-FI is available.


Kangaskoski for 2 person

Kangaskoski is a charming room for two with a view of the river. It has twin peds (possible to convert to a double). The room is 17 m2 in size.

Juvankoski for 2 person

Juvankoski also has view of the river. It is for 2 persons with either twin or double bed. The room is 17 m2.

Ritakoski for 6 person

Ritakoski is a large room for a family or group of 6. It has 2 bunk beds and a double bed that can be converted to twins. This room also has a view of the river in the direction of Kangaskoski lean-to. The room is 32 m2 in size.

Lahnanen for 5 person

Lahnanen is a 30 m2 room with a double bed and bunk bed for two as well as an armchair that convertable to a ped for one. The room has view of the river.

Rapukoski for 5 person

Rapukoski is a 25 m2 room with a double bed, a bunk bed and an armchair convertible to a bed. It fits five persons.

Uudensillan koski

Bridal suite

The wedding suite has a private bathroom and toilet. It is on the ground floor.

Upstairs lobby

The lobby on the upper floor is a spacious living area with dining facilities.

There are two fridges, a coffee machine,

a kettle and a microwave.

Toilet facilities upstairs

Washing and toilet facilities are shared.

 Breakfast menu.

Local bread and Karelian pastries are a part of our breakfast menu.

The pastries and rye bread are baked by the home bakery Harmasen Kotileipomo in Simpele town.

You’ll wake up to the smell of fresh baking as we bake breakfast rolls every morning for your delight.

We also cater gluten free products. Gluten free Karelian pastries are baked by 

Minna Mäkelä from Parikkala or Kirsi Harmanen from the Simpele home bakery.

We cater eggs from our own hens at breakfast.

Our breakfast eggs come from our own chicken farm, where the chickens are cared for with loving care: they are sung to and held in our arms. They even have Christmas lights.

The berries on the breakfast table are picked from the nearby woods.

We have excellent grounds for berry-picking, and the berries are hand-picked. We like to pour some home-made spruce sprout syrup on the berries, the sprouts are picked from the trees that grow around the house.


A neighbouring farm Hallikaisen Marjatila provides us with strawberries and

sea-buckthorn juice.